Hire a Dry Ice Machine for your next Sydney Party


Create some special effects at your event with dry ice. Add a magical touch to your first dance or make an entrance extra exciting. Our dry ice machine shoots out a perfect low lying thick white fog, creating the jaw dropping effect of dancing or walking in the clouds.

This compact and versatile machine is perfect for any themed party or simply to provide a bit of atmosphere to a romantic dance. Just plug in the machine, add dry ice and you’ll soon be creating the same effect you’ve seen in movies and on stage.

Dozens of Stunning Applications

Has your local Sydney football team won their championship match and you want to provide a special effect for their celebration entrance? Is your rock band having its first gig and you want to provide something special to rev up the crowd? Is it your first dance as a married couple and you want to provide a special romantic look as well as a photo-op for the wedding photographer? Want to set up a haunted house as an attraction for Halloween?

These are just some of the situations where a dry ice machine can provide just the effect you’re looking for. The dry ice machine is great for photo-ops and with a little coloured lighting you can make your party venue look as if it was decorated by stage and film professional special effects artists.

Portable and Easy to Use

The machine is extremely portable and durable; it easily fits in the back seat of your car and can be carried by one person. It’s also easy to use. Simply load it with chunks of dry ice, turn it on and set it on the floor of your venue for the best low-lying effect. Within about a minute or so you’ll be creating a special effect that will have your party-goers oohing and aahing. You can hide it beneath a stage or riser. It runs on standard, household AC current so it won’t cost you a fortune if you leave it running for most of the evening. Just make sure that you have plenty of dry ice on hand because your guests will not be able to get enough of it.

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